like gold dust

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Of the ancient world
and of the future world
there remains nothing but the beauty.
And you,
little sister,
running after your older brothers,
laughing with them,
imitating them,
you, the youngest of all little sisters,
you wore your beauty with humility.
And your soul, being the soul of a girl
coming from modest circumstances,
your soul had never been conscious of your beauty.
Otherwise, this beauty would not have been possible.
The world had taught it to you,
thus, your beauty became the world's.
Of the terrible ancient world
and of the terrible future world
nothing remains but beauty.
And you, you wore it like an obedient smile.
demands too many swallowed tears,
generosity towards others, too many joyful glances
which ask for mercy !
you have taken away with you your beauty,
you vanished like gold dust.

 marilynmonroeMarilyn Monroe by artist unknown

Of the stupid ancient world
and of the ferocious future world
there remained a beauty that wasn't ashamed
to show her girlish breasts,
a little stomach so easily bared.
That is why beauty was there,
the same beauty the sweet young girls of your world have,
the tradesmen's daughters, laureates
of the competitions of Miami or London.
You disappeared like a golden dove.
The world had taught it to you,
and thus, your beauty was no longer beauty.
But you went on being a child,
silly like antiquity, cruel like the future,
and between yourself and your beauty, possessed by power,
the stupid and cruel present seeped in.
You always wore it like a smile between tears.
Immodest by passivity, indecent by obedience,
you disappeared like a white-golden dove.
Her beauty, surviving the ancient world,
reclaimed by the future world,
possessed by the present word,
became a deadly evil.
And now, the older brothers at last turn round,
stopping for a moment in their cursed games,
leaving their endless distractions,
and ask themselves:
"Is it possible that Marilyn, little Marilyn,
had shown us the way?"
And now, you don't count any more, poor child,
with your smile
you are the first to have crossed the world's doors,
to your destiny of death.
Dreams of death.
Marilyn in "La rabbia"
Pier Paolo Pasolini - 1963

La rabbia by PPP - Lettura Renato Guttuso


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